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Short Sales are the answer for sellers and buyers !

  • Foreclosure Alternative: The Short Sale

    A short sale is far from hassle-free, but it’s a better alternative than foreclosure. And now you’ve got a little help from your friends in D.C. Here are the facts about short sales and how to get started. Read

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Calif., Fla., Texas are top destinations – Some good Macro news from the South Florida Business Journal

In this article below, we get a glimpse of some good news with regards to the fundamentals of the market. Florida continues to be one of the most desirable migration markets. The article quotes that the bulk of our new residents come from Alaska, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and Ohio. One wonders why Alaskans would want to relocate to Florida!

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Read more: Calif., Fla., Texas are top destinations – South Florida Business Journal


On July 1, 2010, The new changes to for Florida Statute 718 , the condominium act in florida will change some of the rules of the game that will help the excess inventory but it seems that it will be a great addition. The changes to the statute will eventually help the lower priced condominiums. Investors shy away from the condominium projects with proportionately expensive maintenance fees because those owners that are paying their share usually end up paying the deficiencies that many have left as they let their investments or speculations go. So if the law permits the condominium to collect rents and maintain the property’s collection the balance sheets and subsequent Condominium Association budget will have stability making the HOA which is perceived as a highly variable item much more linear and the investment much safer in terms of short, mid, and long term returns. This is a move that will aid recovery and frivolous management of voluntary financial responsibilities. I would expect that the excellent moves in condo sales in may show the investors expectations that these investments are just as viable as singe family homes as investment property.

Staging your home to sell/show

When staging your house for sale, follow your listing agent’s advice and remove all the items your agent suggests to get out of the picture. It is very important to make easy to  the prospective buyer to feel at home when visiting the property and displaying personal objects like pictures, diplomas, awards etc. only emphasizes  the fact that the house is home to “others”. Sometimes, it is even  necessary to remove some of the furniture to make a small room look bigger or to get  buyers to focus on the house and not on the decor. Packing is going to start sooner or later, therefore, pack away personal items and excessive number of ornaments. Closets should be free of clutter and never showed them at full capacity. remove clothes, shoes and all times you can spare for a few months, put them in storage ,just  get them out! Do not cover your fridge with magnets and messages, keep the counter space as free as possible. It will help.

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Welcome to our blog. As part of our introductory post, the key part is that in these trying times the real estate landscape is changing. Sales of homes within the 150-350K range are starting to normalize and towards a recovery.